Because who doesn't like to speculate about Whole Foods?


Or Trader Joe’s for that matter?

The Twitter went alive with buzz after @simonds posted a link to a >Spokane Business Journal stating a sale of the downtown Empire Ford building was close to being done. This, of course, served as a good reminder that the same building was about (” href=””>three feet away from being a Whole Foods a few years back, and thus the rampant speculations begun. Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? BJ’s Wholesale Club?!

Odds are, of course, that it will be something entirely more dull, like another car dealership. And with Whole Foods being known for its Wal-Mart like mega-lo-maniac business practices, we might, depending who you ask, be better off without one. But we’re a blog. And blogs like speculations. So we leave the floor open for you:

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