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If we have learned anything this last week, it's that Atticus is the place to go if you're young and hip and with it. This, in turn, makes Atticus a perfect spot for Team SpoCOOL, not because we're particularly young or under any illusion of being hip and not at all with it (unless having a near encyclopedic knowledge of Murder, She Wrote would qualify us for any of those), but because we now have a great spot for eavesdropping. It's a great way to learn the behavior of the late teens/early twenties hiptivist, and who wouldn't want to do that?

Here are some things we picked up:

ArtFest was pretty lame and you'd have to be insane to be seen there. I mean, come on, could it have been more mainstream? What we didn't know, however, was that Elkfest, too, is lame. "You went to Elkfest when [some person] had a party? Elkfest happens every year, this was, like, a once in a lifetime party!" And yes, we felt pretty lame for not only checking out ArtFest and Elkfest, but also for not knowing about what seemingly was the party of the year.

Going to Sasquatch '11 -- how bourgeois. Going to the Anti-Sasquatch party -- you might have perceived that as being cool, but you'd be wrong. So what was the appropriate reaction to Sasquatch? Simple: Go to Sasquatch to boycott the Anti-Sasquatch party that boycotted Sasquatch. Is your head spinning yet? That was actual conversation!

And so it went. It was pretty mindblowing.

As for Atticus, most of the baristas serve up a pretty excellent cup of coffee. We can even forgive the fact that SpoBREW-trash-talker Keaton pulls there. As far as espresso goes, it might be the best one downtown.

Plus, really, who wouldn't want to overhear deep, philosophical debates and musings like we did? Atticus provides the coffee; the customers provide the show.

Eavesdropping can sometimes be gold!