Atilano's Restroom

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Some of you like it, some of you don't, and those of you who don't are clearly wrong. Atilano's burritos are awesome, and you should embrace that.

Then there's their restroom, and... Well, one could say it's a bit lacking, but I honestly am not feeling that generous today.

Let's illustrate the problem...

Atilano's restroom

Now by all means, I have seen tags, and graffiti, and general writing on restroom walls before, but this one measured in at about three feet, both in height and width.

I certainly can live with something like this -- though will give minus points for the overused "West Side" -- but let me re-emphasize the main point: this is a merely an illustration of other things going on in here.

The place stinks. Literally. You know that gust of stench that greets you when you exit the car when at the dump? Open the restroom door here and you'll promptly be reminded of that feeling.

Yet, again, I could live with that too. Really. But as any forward thinking person would have figured out by now, the stench emanates from something, somewhere. And a quick look around makes it painfully clear what is going on.

We're talking puddles of urine around the urinal; an overflowing trashcan; a general dirtiness all around you. I don't even want to know what was going on in the stall, but I assume explorations of it would require a stronger stomach than mine.

Atilano's does have great burritos, we stand by that. Just don't use their restroom. Ever. It is a journey you may never return from.