A #SpoBREW Classic update


Hey, what do you know, the #SpoBREW Classic is less than a month away. The date is September 21st -- announcement post holds the information -- and more news and updates will rain down on you soon.

While people were jumping onto the brewing portion long before we announced the event (props to Will Stone for reserving his spot a year in advance) the reception to the beer art portion has been rather... tepid. 

So, you can and should sign up for it! The only rule is the art needs to be something beer related we can hang on the wall. That's it. A beer label, a poem, posters, a moose head made out of beer cans... Be creative and your road to fame will be paved with gold. Go sign up!

As for the brewing portion, we saw some trash talk from Seth just this morning. Joel and Brad have put up some tantalizing photos on Twitter. And with just three weeks to go, we expect to see much more very soon.

The latter will be the case here too, of course. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more #SpoBREW news and information. And for heaven's sake, sign up for the art contest.