Appel Farms Farmstead Smoked Gouda


At least I assume that's its real name, stylized as the name is on the packaging...

Appel Farms is located in Ferndale, a town I frankly was unfamiliar with until we tried this smoked gouda from Appel Farms. (And my apologies should I type "Apple" at any time.) And, you know, Ferndale might have something going for it, at least in this farm. Their Farmstead Smoked Gouda is a pretty nice cheese, well suited for a grilled cheese sandwich or possibly a cheese plate.

It's a relatively mild cheese, at least as far as a smoked gouda goes, with the smokiness just very gently hitting the roof of the mouth. I personally prefer a bit more of a kick than this, but hey. Nothing wrong with a mild cheese either.

It's a creamy cheese, and melts well on a sandwich. Other than that, I don't know if there's a whole lot more to the cheese, really. It's mild, and just a little smokey. It flanks some sort of cured meat well on a grilled cheese sandwich, though it would probably seem a bit lonely on its own. Same goes for a cheese plate; you'd probably want something a bit heavier to pair it with. (Though probably not something that'd over power it.)

Overall the Smoked Gouda is certainly worth trying, but I don't think it'll knock you off your feet. Which is OK -- there is room in your life for some mildness.

We found the cheese at Main Market. It might be found other places too, or it might not.