Andy's Bar -- The Restroom

Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

Andy’s Bar is a small intimate bar with some lovely re-purposed furniture. This might be why I had expected to be wowed by their restroom too.

Reality is, though, that Andy’s Bar only has a very utilitarian facility. A large-ish room (compared to the rest of the place) with a toilet, a sink, and something that looks like it used to be the base for a shower. That’s it. No crazy recycled mirror frames, fixtures, or—and come on, who wouldn’t want this?!—custom made tin toilets.

So in that sense, I was a bit disappointed.

One the upside, though, the facility is clean. You don’t have to wade through urine or anything, which is always a pretty good thing. It’s all very nice and functional.

But when I think of what could have been… I’m disappointed.