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An evening with Mr. Ryan Pitts


ryan_ron2This weekend, make a trip downtown to hear Mr. Ryan Pitts, Mr Online Director from the Spokesman Review, moderate a panel at Auntie’s Bookstore as part of the Get Lit! program. The panel, which also consists of Luke Baumgarten, Jim McPherson, and Cheryl-Anne Millsap will discuss “The Changing Media Landscape in the Inland Empire.”

n28202779_32026487_3548“But what does this all have to do with food"?” you may ask. Well, the Spokesman has recently launched their “#SPO hashtag project” trying to standardize how local “hashtags” are used for Twitter discussions. One of the suggested tags are #SPOEATS, which is all about local food and drinks. Hey, we support that.

Of course, this isn’t the first attempt to centralize Spokane food chatter online., for example, has their own Google Group which is well worth checking out.

But back to the case at hand, the Ryan Pitts Show. After the event you should probably check out one of downtown’s several dining establishments—maybe Ryan will buy you a drink"?—and here are just a few to inspire you: