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Alaskan Raspberry Wheat


Alaskan Raspberry Wheat cover

So here's one from Alaskan Brewing Company that is, at least, interesting. It's not wonderful, not something bards will write songs about, but I do respect what Alaskan is doing with their "Pilot Series".

The Raspberry Wheat is by no means bad either. It pours an incredibly cloudy amber color, with a bit of hue from what I assume is raspberries. A sniff is... not too pleasant... I can live with sweet scents, but the raspberries kinda reminds me of Lifesavers. With all respect to the many fine people at the Lifesavers factory, I don't really want that smell coming from my beer.

Flavor wise things are better, but not by much. The raspberries aren't too overpowering, but they still have an artificial flavor, and they aren't helped much by the flat characteristics of the wheat. The beer might have been a good idea, but the execution seems a bit lacking so far.

So. The Pilot Series has some potential, I think, but I've yet to blown away by it. Some day, maybe, though not yet.