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A look at what Spokane was looking for during 2012


Numbers. They can be interesting, and a look at our stats from the last year gives us a good idea what Spokane and beyond is looking for. At least as far as our five readers go. Anyway!

Here are some statistics from 2012 which may or may not be of interest to some of you. Many things, like search rankings, dictate hits, but this gives us somewhat of a general idea what people are interested in, within the confines of what ye olde Team SpoCOOL covers.

First, restaurant searches: Most popular keyword was Central Food, often times in the guise of Central Foods. Casper Fry came in second, followed by South Perry Pizza. That most places start with a spike around the time they open is no surprise, though some, like the aforementioned restaurants, maintain a steady stream. Particularly South Perry Pizza has hung around the top here for a while.

The #1 hit from our Twitter links was the Beignets re-opening post. Not too surprising, and we can only agree with @norton_cameron's take on the situation: "after all that??"

Drinking games are ever popular, with Breaking Bad hitting the top, and, somewhat disturbingly, teen drama Pretty Little Liars sitting comfortably at number two.

Our most popular sub-page is Restaurant Reviews, closely followed by the Liquor License Stalker and Links.

And the most random search popping up with an oddly high frequency: "Why does Laura Linney introduce masterpiece classic?" (Why indeed?!)

Finally, the #1 browser for this site: Safari, with around 30% of the hits. This is largely the result of iPhone and iPad hits, which have skyrocketed over the past year. And as opposed to the rest of the world, Android sits at a paltry 8% versus iOS's 23%. Who would have thought Spokane had such great taste?!

And as we go into 2013, we're looking at making some modifications to better accommodate mobile devices. In 2011 only a couple of percent of you accessed the site using phones and tablets. In 2012 it was closer to 1/3. Times are, apparently, changing. Rapidly.