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A look at the Costco deep dish pizza


Sometimes we like to try weird and, sometimes, wonderful things. When we heard Costco had a take and bake deep dish pizza, we found the idea to fit well enough in the "weird" category. "Wonderful" though? Well...

Let's just skip any kind of analysis. This pizza can not be classified as "wonderful" or even "could be worse". I mean, really, it's kind of hard to mess one of these things up -- for heaven's sake, even an average pizza is acceptable -- but Costco managed to do so just fine.

Don't get me wrong, the pizza is deep. They managed that part. But when cooked, and we followed the instructions to a T, the pizza turns into something more similar to a thick stew. One could argue a deep dish pizza should be a bit messy, and that's probably true. This, however, went above and beyond.

First, the actual bottom of the crust could not withstand the amount of cheese -- and there was a lot -- piled on it. By the time the pizza was done, the cheese had soaked through the bottom, pretty much making a circle-crust surrounding the cheese inside. Try cutting out a slice of that...

Second, the toppings, sausage and pepperoni. I don't know if this is how it works at Costco, but they all had an unpleasant metallic taste. It was kind of like eating tinfoil.

Eat a slice-ish (or a bowl of whatever you'd call it) and you will be, if nothing else, pretty dang full, though even a meatza is about infinitely more satisfying. 

Sometimes we like to try weird things, and we usually shut up about it if it's not wonderful. The Costco deep dish pizza is just so awful -- and OK, that might not be too shocking -- we can't stop ourselves from warning you about it. We're still feeling vaguely sick...