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A few wines we recently have enjoyed


A few wines we recently have enjoyed cover

We post a lot about beer here at Ye Olde SpoCOOL, but that's not to say we don't enjoy a spot of wine every now and again. Here are a few you probably should try, should you happen to stumble across them.

Stag's Leap is a pretty common sight around these parts, and their Petite Syrah is excellent. We recently had the chance to enjoy a 1999 vintage, and very nicely it had aged too. Notes of blackberry and spices seem to dominate the flavor of this bold wine, one that went wonderfully with a hearty risotto.

A bit higher on the "Well, I've never seen that before"-scale is the Francois Buffet Pommard-Rugiens 1er Cru, a Pinot Noir. Here we tried the 1986 vintage, which had a fairly light body, and strong hints of rasberries. This is probably about as refreshing as red wine can get, and you'll feel a whole lot more Paul Giamatti than Thomas Haden Church (we're of course talking Sideways here) while drinking it. (Make sure you cuss out the Merlot while you're at it.)

Finally, the Fattoria Dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino, this time a 1978 vintage which was our host's favorite. It's a Sangiovese, and was a true joy to drink. Imagine eating the finest chocolate with cherries, and you should have a general idea what the flavor is like. The body is light, making this one extremely drinkable, and one that sips well with a Crab Louis.

Granted, finding the two last ones here might be easier said than done, but hey, if you find someone generous enough to share them, we say go right ahead and indulge. They'll probably hit your libation chart on a high note.