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"A Drinking Club, With A Running Problem."


ieh3rbtlgWell, what do you know, the Inland Empire does have a chapter of HASH. I was excited to find a HASH group represented in our neck of the woods. I came across it while researching the meeting spot for a HASH club in Sudan for some friends who are traveling in the region. The motto of the Inland Empire HASH group: “A drinking club, with a running problem.”

If you aren’t familiar with HASH groups, you should know they are represented all over the world. Typically a group of ex-pats meet in a specific location and ventures (runs, hikes, etc.) for a set amount of time or kilometers, then stop at a local watering hole or a person’s home to drink and socialize. These groups typically attract individuals looking to have fun through exercise while networking with others who are living and working abroad.

Here is a bit more information about HASHING:

The HASH HOUSE HARRIERS is a social club of runners that have been described as “a drinking club with a running problem.” Ex-pat British businessmen, accountants, lawyers, civil servants, etc., started the HASH in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a club based on the old English game of hares and hounds where one or two members would be given several minutes head start and would drop shredded paper as the “scent”. The HASH has grown from those humble beginnings to include thousands of chapters and tens of thousands of hashers worldwide.

Vist the Inland Empire Hash House Harriers Blog for more information. If the link looks like it won’t work, click on the text link again and it WILL open.