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A couple of coffees we have been enjoying


A couple of coffees we have been enjoying cover

We like coffee, and we like jumping between different types of coffee here at ye olde Team SpoCOOL. Here are a couple we've tried recently:


OK, so Huckleberry's have many different types of coffee, and we can't quite remember the name of the one we tried, though it did have "vanilla" in the title. So look for that if you want to sample it.

And it's not a bad one either, if not mindblowingly amazing. It might not be the type of coffee where you'll embrace in tears, crying "it has arrived!", but it's still serviceable, particularly for a good wake-me-up cup in the morning.

The vanilla truly is the dominant flavor, and you won't need to add cream or sugar here if that's your thing. This is all very, very sweet on its own.

Gotta say, as far as a grocery store branded coffee goes, this one isn't too bad. (We were told it was produced by Four Seasons, but don't take that as gospel.)

DOMA La Bicicletta

This one is -- probably not too surprisingly -- a few notches better than the Huckleberry's one. It's more of one you'd break out any time during the day, and it's certainly a whole lot more balanced than Huckleberry's vanilla-fest.

La Bicicletta is nutty with a fairly creamy mouthfeel; very smooth in that sense. There's a touch of sweetness toward the end, and the flavor lingers nicely. Think The New Power Generation-era Prince, just as a coffee.

Hell, it makes for a good cup of AeroPress. Plus the Chris Dreyer art is cool.