7vs7: Day 2 Recap


And she’s out? Maybe? A cryptic comment from BrightSpirit seems to suggest she might be out, but really, if the only reason is that she—or anyone—don’t quite know how to keep us up to date, then that can easily be remedied: Post a blog post with your progress, or if you’re posting your progress as a comment anywhere (on a blog or Twitter or whatever) let us know where to look. Alternatively, post it in a comment here on SFB or e-mail it to us. As stated in the original contest rules, that’s all it takes. The main thing is that we are kept up to date on the progress. Let us know before 8pm and you’re still in it!

On notice: Brandi! Sorry, Brandi, but the aforementioned goes for you too. This is obviously a very very serious game! If we don’t see anything before 8pm, then you’re out.

As for the rest…

  • Becky: Is now only eating apples. Hands down favorite to be the next person to crash out?

  • Unknown Neva: Is all about food experiments and still in it.

  • Mark: The rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated. He is also expecting a great drop-off at Thursday, which, granted, is the day most people seem to crack.

  • Moneeeq: Is playing dirty by showing food porn pictures of the crepes.

  • Andrew: The 7vs7 #1 champion is fighting tooth and nail to reclaim his crown.

  • Hank: Still hanging in there.

  • Paul: The Jon Lovitz of the group might still be hanging in there, but on Friday he leaves for San Francisco. So yes, he’ll be out.

  • Bart: Is tumbling down, but still in it. Will houseguests take him down?

  • Remi: I’m in here, and I’m kinda liking it!

  • Crystal: I sympathize with the bread craving, but the food is looking pretty awesome.

  • Stephanie: Still in there, and with a nice looking pepper puree to boot.

  • Rachel: Keeping it real (yo) and the pasta worked out this time!