7vs7: The Winners


Update: Hank is officially declared a winner! And so is Paul, just so he’ll stop crying. Prizes are coming soon for all the winners!

But this time there are some question marks! Interrobangs even! The judges are still out on two contestants:

  • Hank! While we don’t accept his withdrawal, we have decided to send a picture of the peaches in question to Master Gardeners and let them decide. Yes, we take these things very seriously!

  • Paul! The Barney Gumble of the group is in San Francisco, and claims to still be in it. But can we believe him? A notorious cheater, can we really believe that Paul didn’t even have a sip of water while he was cruising for Burger King in North Beach? Somebody like Paul is guilty until proven innocent!

Now, for the winners!

  • Becky! No update on the site, but we have it confirmed she made it through the day, FBC and all!

  • Moneeeq! She’s still a sucker, but she’s a winner of a sucker!

  • Rachel! I maintain goop is goop. But hey, if you can live on it, then I suppose you’re a winner too!

So congratulations to the winners. Now ask yourself, was it worth it?

The saga will continue with the last two contestants!