7vs7: The Day 4 Massacre


That’s right, if it’s a Thursday, it has to be a 7vs7 Massacre!

It started with Stephanie who, judging by this picture, decided to turn the contest upside down and only eat food outside of the 100 mile radius.

Then went Mark, who gave into sweet sweet Lady Coffee.

Lastly Unknown Neva and Andrew were drooling over going out on some Azar’s from Pig Out in the Park, but neither wanted to be the first to go. Thusly yours truly manned up and took the first bite, with the two others following close behind.

Hey, it’s a silly contest anyway. Who would give up something as basic as salt for five days anyway?

Oh, that’s right… These suckers would:

  • Becky! Who, had she waited at Fresh for about two minutes longer would have been drawn into The Massacre.

  • Moneeeq! Who brought her husband as a secret weapon to the movie. Having him drink a humongous cup of coffee infront of us all? Sneaky.

  • Hank! Made butter. Groovy. But can he eat salt?

  • Paul! As usual, Paul goes all the way to prove he’s not an epicurean, which is the only way he can finish this game.

  • Rachel! Hey, I’m sure the goop is good! Did you have salt for it?

But hey, good luck to all who are still in it!