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7vs7 Spokavore: Final Day Recap


And so this is it: two more players dropped out, two were crowned winners, and three were finishers. Not too shabby, really.

Who couldn’t take it? Mark kept his promise and crashed out on a pizza. Hey, he’s only human. Then we have Becky who might technically have made it, but she didn’t check in. Thus she is out. Hey, nobody said 7vs7 was a game, this is serious business.

The Winners:

Monique: She plays the game hard and we like that.

Andrew: Truly did end it with a stylish (and local) meal. Spokane Food Blog Editorial Board went along to oversee that Andrew didn’t run out to Carl’s Jr., and we can testify that Sante rocked together a dinner for the ages.

The Finishers:

Paul: Not sure why he thinks I was the one that came up with doing the early drawing of the winner, but he is wrong. As usual.

Geneva: Also points out the greatness of Sante. And that this is the last 7vs7, but more about that in a bit.

Moi: I can’t help but wonder why we didn’t eat more at Sante. I mean, seriously? What the hell? It’s awesome!

And furthermore:

We’ve been hosting these week(-ish) long challenges for almost two years, and have decided this, the fourth competition, is it. I mean, really, we’re all probably burnt out.

Of course, we’ll still have challenges, but they’ll be short and to the point. Coming next: Team SFB has been challenged by Team Blue Spark to a spicy food contest. Our team of four players is being assembled as we speak, and if you feel you have what it takes, let us know and we will take you into consideration.

Yes, we take this very seriously.