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7vs7 Spokavore: Day 4 Recap


We’re rolling through the last day of the contest, and, well-what-do-you-know, Bart! Is! Out! Are we surprised? I mean, really? Are we? This is the man that has gone crashing out on a Miller before. I guess it really isn’t easy being green.

And word has it another person will go out today. That’s right, Mark claims he later today will fall prey to the 7vs7 Assassin: Bennidito's.

To make this a little more interesting, we are upping the ante here: We have already pulled two (potential) winners! The first name that came out of the hat was Monique followed by Andrew. If they stay in, Monique can pick one of the lovely coffees DOMA provided as contest prizes, and Andrew will get the one Monique didn’t pick. Should any of them drop out we have pulled the rest of the group’s names from the hat to determine who would replace the quitter. Just for fun we’re keeping that list secret for now.

As for the players progress…

Andrew did not fall for the temptation—a bottle of the Abyss—I put in front of him.

Paul furthers his mancrush on me by comparing me to Twin Peaks’s agent Cooper. Kyle MacLachlan is definitely a lesser version of me, I think we can all agree on that.

Becky has gone from burning things to dealing drugs. Yikes…

Geneva reminds us that Sante is both local and awesome. Why nobody has just camped there for five days is beyond me!

Monique, I think, would rather eat dirt (local, of course) than lose this contest.

And yes, I’m still in it! Because I’m a winner. And winners don’t lose.