7vs7 Spokavore: Day 3 Recap


Challenge? What challenge? Get a DOMA Americano from Coffee Social—I don’t want to experience a life outside of DOMA, thank you—and you can buzz through the day quite nicely. Yet in fact not everybody has such an easy time with that, as…

... she’s out!

Gaeyia: Sorry, but we require some communication each day. A tweet. A blog post. Something. You might call this being out on a technicality and you might be right. But let’s not take the anarchy route, people!

The law abiding ones.

Andrew: Being sucked into Inglourious Basterds is fine, as long as it’s misspelled correctly. A part of me feels today is Andrew’s time to fall, however.

Bart and Paul: Bart and Paul must have sampled some of the less savory ‘shrooms in the area, with Bart preaching the apocalypse and Paul vesseling Mitch Hedberg.

Becky might actually be a pyromaniac.

Geneva points out some of the many great things from Main Market as well as SFCC’s interesting free produce offerings. Oh, and also a new hot foods challenge: Team SFB vs. Team Blue Spark.

Mark is in it. And he writes short posts.

Monique: She is in it. And she seems a bit competitive. Who’d have thunk it?