7vs7 Spokavore: Day 2 Recap


Not bad.Last night the Spokane Food Blog Editorial Board undertook a fact-finding mission in the jungles of Airway Heights. Our journey took us to the Village Tavern where we sampled two of the local brewery’s finest: Golden Hills’ Lizzy’s Lager and Ben’s Brown. More about those later in the week.

As for now…

Aaaaaand she’s out!

Rachel: Sorry, Rachel, but it was the rice that got you. That’s a no-no, unless it’s local. However! It only means that you—and anyone else that breaks the holy rules—are out from winning the lovely DOMA-donated prize. As the point of the contest really is to promote local eats, we fully encourage you to play the game to the finish, and thus get the coveted Honorable Mention.

As for the rest…

Andrew is still in it, and focuses his post on my past as a professional model.

Bart and Paul had a man-date at the Main Market Co-op, but, alas, Paul was stood up. Apparently Bart couldn’t hold his wine or something and fell asleep.

Becky attempted to burn down the house to bring attention to the locavore cause. Bless.

Gaeyia continues to write the shortest posts ever. But I assume she’s still in it.

Geneva takes local ingredients and makes them international with boulani. (It’s very good and tasty.)

Mark is kind of phoning it in now that he’s the Only Mark.

Monique, meanwhile, is not phoning it in and is making the rest of us look lazy.

... and me? I’m cruising through. Seriously.