7vs7 Spokavore: Day 1 Recap


I’m out there and I’m loving it. However, this isn’t the case for everybody as…

One person is definitely out!

Crystal conceded and bowed out of the contest. But was she the only one? By the looks of it…

Another person is highly likely out!

Apparently Mark G. didn’t even start and thus relegated his status to the “Other Mark.” Meaning…

Ten players are still in it!

And they are…

Andrew! He points out that he doesn’t “advocate an all-local diet at the expense of variety and staying within a budget.” Nor do we. An all locavore diet would, somewhat ironically, hurt many local businesses like International Food Store. And that’s not good. Very civic minded here, Andrew. Our own little miniature Buddha.

Bart and Paul! They’re connected at the hip—if one goes down the other will follow, as evident by the wing challenge. I mean, really? Bart, the man who previously went out on a Miller Light, can’t handle the Dogzilla IPA. And he will pull Paul down with him, in a binge of bad beer.

Becky! Well, not much in terms of blog updates, but Twitter would reveal she’s still in it.

Gaeyia! And we thought she had forgotten about the contest too.

Geneva! Reminds us all of the greatness known as Petite Chat. And vodka. Vodka is pretty great too. With Dry Fly and 44 Degrees one can always stumble through the week in a happy daze.

Mark S! Or, as we like to call him, The Real Mark. There can only be one Mark. Anything else is too confusing.

Monique! Nobody can accuse her of playing this game half-heartedly.

Rachel! She writes about why Coffee Social and DOMA is awesome. Which is true. Ink, however, as her post points out, isn’t.

Remi! That’s me. I’m writing this. And I’m being pretty cocky, so obviously I’m in.