7vs7: Spokavore


”...highlighting local, sustainable, and damn good food options.” – Green Man Bart

For 2 to 12 Players/Ages 10-Adult

Take 5 days to eat local products from local vendors within a 150 mile radius of Spokane, WA. As promised during Locavore Round 1, Round 2 aka Spokavore will take place when Main Market opens February 15 – 20, 2010. Sign up (post a comment) by February 12, 2010 to confirm a spot among the players.

Your choice of local food. In this case, “local” is defined as anywhere within a 150 mile radius of Spokane, WA. ”Food” will be defined as anything produced by a local business.

You will also need a way to communicate your progress. Sign up for a blog and post it there, or email us, and we will post it here for you. Be sure to communicate what products or recipes you think other people should know about. More contest will be announced during the challenge. All posts from players will be fed to one central location. Photos are always helpful. This is all on the honor system and nothing is worse than your own conscience getting the best of you. Announce when you have accidently, purposefully, or otherwise lost the contest.


  1. Any types of groceries should be bought at local grocery stores. This would include places like Main Market, Huckleberry’s, Rocket Market, Fresh Abundance, etc. Though keep in mind that larger chains like Yoke’s and Rosauers are also local.

  2. Any type of packaged product bought at aforementioned grocery stores (or directly from producer) should be produced locally by local companies. They could, however, be produced using ingredients from outside our region. For example: Small Planet Tofu, Northern Lights beer, Bumble Bars, Arbor Crest wine, DOMA coffee, etc.

  3. Any type of baked goods bought at aforementioned grocery stores or directly from vendor (be it a bakery or boutique) should be produced locally by local companies. For example: bread from Petite Chat, chocolates from OMO, etc.

  4. Any type of meats should have been raised locally. You can find this at Fresh Abundance, Egger’s, etc. (Look carefully, as places like Huckleberry’s carry mostly Oregon and California meats.)

  5. When eating at restaurants they should predominantly use local products. For example: Coffee Social, Sante, Mizuna, Latah Bistro, etc.

  6. When preparing food/baking at home you should predominantly use local products. Certain staples, like salt, aren’t produced locally, so they are exempt. (As long as they’re bought from a local grocery store.) Dietary supplements are also exempt.

  7. Non-local vegetables are, because of the season and the spirit of the game, allowed, as long as they are purchased from a local market.

  8. As promised during Locavore Round 1, a list of local products will be created. Send in your suggestions to build the Spokavore directory.

You win the game if you are the first player to make it to the end of the 5 day challenge without consuming products outside of the 150 mile range. There may be more than one winner. The winner(s) might get a prize.

That’s all folks!

We will be happy to answer questions about this game. Post a comment or email via contact.

Potential Players List:

  • Andrew

  • Bart

  • Barry

  • Becky

  • Crystal

  • Gaeyia

  • Geneva

  • Hank

  • Mark S.

  • Monique

  • Paul

  • Rachel

  • Remi

  • Ryan