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7vs7 Locavore: The 100 Mile Challenge Contestants


The final Locavore Round 1 contestants:

1. Becky from I Put the Me in Awesome
2. Mark from Route 140 and Rhymes with Almonds
3. Unknown Neva from SFB and Finally a Blog
4. Moneeeeq from Home Economics 2.0
5. Andrew from Editor, Revised and Burger, Revised
6. Hank from Shallow Cogitations
7. BrightSpirit from Fresh Abundance who will post to Fresh Blog
8. Paul from DTE
9. Remi from SFB and RemiAndre
10. Bart from DTE
11. Crystal from SpoVegan
12. Stephanie from Peanut butter and Stephanie
13. John Speare from Cycling Spokane
14. Rachel from One Facet of the Human Experience
15. Brandi from Twitter *which blog will you post to?

We will have plenty of people cheering us on from home and supporting us by trying to eat as local as they find possible. Feel free to send suggestions along the way. Yesterday’s poll about buying local concluded people need to know where the local vendors are and about the variety of local food. I am sure this contest will help provide that information.

Contestants, you know the rules. Contest starts Monday August 31, 2009 at 12:01 AM and ends Friday September 4, 2009 at 11:59 PM. Who will be the first to go out and what will push them over the edge? Coffee and that caffeine kick just might knock out a few.. Not to mention the next Full Moon Fiasco. Are all of these players really willing to only drink water until midnight? Don’t forget you must update on your progress or we will just consider you a drop out.

You can post updates on Twitter by using #7vs7

*Don’t forget 7vs7 Locavore: Round 2 will be coming soon (sometime between September and December 2009). More to come later but all locally produced products will be involved. Check back here or at DTE for more information.