7vs7: Day 3 Recap


... and they’re out! BrightSpirit! Brandi! Bart! Crystal! Crystal was the surprise here (I had expected her to cruise through September), though I’m expecting more to follow her soon. Mark has it right—Thursday is the hardest day by far.

... but they’re not!

  • Becky: OK, so she is still in it. I got that one wrong.

  • Unknown Neva: Brought out the secret weapon: vodka!

  • Mark: Looks like he’s still in it, though we need more of a confirmation than just a single tweet.

  • Moneeeq: Is starting to sound pretty competitive.

  • Andrew: Also brought in the big guns: vodka!

  • Hank: Had a very yellow day, and why not?

  • Paul: The Tobias Fünke of the group might still be hanging in there, but let’s face it… He will need a beer after the Flying Irish Club.

  • Remi: I’m in here, and I’m not liking it.

  • Stephanie: You know, I agree: If you want to go out, go out hardcore style. But she’s still hanging on.

  • Rachel: Still going strong, and is probably the new favorite to win this thing after Crystal’s shocking departure.