7vs7: Day 1 Recap


... and he’s out! Sometimes life gets in the way of competitions, which brought John crashing out of the competition. Credit where credit is due—the notification came very promptly. It also made Bart feel good about himself, as for once he’s not the first person out. However…

... panic starts striking! And this is straight from Bart’s mouth: “in all honesty though, I’ll likely be out by Wednesday [..] be expecting my resignation announcement any hour”

On their way out: BrightSpirit and Mark, unless they can update us on their progress before 8pm tonight. We’re hardcore here!

And checking in with the rest:

  • Becky: Is surviving solely on garlic and honey.

  • Unknown Neva: In it, and preaching energy cost efficiency to long term 7vs7 fiend, Ryan.

  • Moneeeq: Crepes? Nice idea.

  • Andrew: He’s sweating the lack of the glorious nectar known as coffee, but is still hanging on. (Barely.)

  • Hank: Kills chickens in front of his family to get his kicks during the contest.

  • Paul: The George Costanza of the group is probably cheating, but claims to be doing OK for now.

  • Remi: I’m in here, and I’m loving it!

  • Crystal: The contest’s only vegan is doing this hardcore style, and making the rest of us look bad!

  • Stephanie: Seems to be coasting through just fine.

  • Rachel: I was ready to put her on the “On their way out” list until I found that she has updated her Twitter account with her progress.

  • Brandi: Also updated her Twitter, so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she’s still in there.