7vs7 2: Day 5, or, Then There Were Two


For a while there were three, but not anymore.

He’s out there, and he’s loving it!

  • Mark S! Mere minutes after sending an e-mail confirming he was still in, I received a phone call from a torn up Mark. Turns out the pressure was too much to handle, and the lure of gyros and fries overpowered Mark’s winning instinct. In other words, Mark G won the battle of the Marks!

They’re not giving up!

  • Mark G! Oh snap! Not only is Marky Mark G cruising through the contest, he’s taunting and prodding those of us who failed with a sharp stick. Two more days, though I’m sure Mark will just keep going, living the life similar to that albino dude in The Da Vinci Code.

  • Andrew! Looking cold and miserable, Andrew has recorded what probably is his last will and testament. But let’s give him this: at least he is tenacious, and we have a feeling he’ll go two for two.