7vs7 2: Day 4 Recap


Well now, it looks like the game is tightening with a slew of competitors dropping like flies. We give you…

And theeeeey’re out!

  • Jordy! Spokane Food Blogs last hope is done for, thanks to the lure of coffee and pistachio crackers. But like she says: “We all know who’s going to win this thing anyway…SPOKANE FOOD BLOG BABY!” And really, I do think we’re winners, and we can eat whatever the hell we want!

  • Paul! Paul, as it turns out, has been out since Monday. How about that?! Exactly why he is out is a bit of a mystery, but an e-mail combined with his comment, suggest he got drunk in the Chuck E Cheese’s ball-pit where he crapped his pants. Or something like that.

Still kicking along!

  • Mark G! No surprise here. With the willpower of a rabid vegetarian bear, Mark is in it for the win. With less than three days to go, I have a feeling he is just getting warmed up, and will live on water and lemon slices for the remainder of the contest.

  • Andrew! As opposed to last 7vs7, Andrew is feeling the sweet sting of temptation. I, for one, had Bennidito’s yesterday, and it was delicious. Will the champion have to give up his title?

The ???

  • Mark S! Mark’s blog is ominously quiet. Mark? Are you still in it?