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7vs7 2: Day 3 Recap


Oh oh! Seems like there was quite the massacre last night…


  • Becky! Oh Becky, we hardly knew ye. Maybe it was the lack of caffeine, maybe it was the squirrel, or maybe it was just that she was pulled down by… Well, who are the two others she is talking about?

  • Spokane Food Blog! For heaven’s sake, we’re a food blog, we can’t put limits on ourselves! And while we don’t know if Jordy is still in or out, we do know that media celebrities Not Unknown at All Neva and yours truly came crashing out of the competition after inhumane Ben and Jerry tempting from a Philadelphia librarian. That’s right. We were sabotaged! And you know what? Shakes, in addition to a beer and fries from Twigs were pretty heavenly.

Still in! (Aka, The Suckers)

  • Mark G! Is the kung-fu master of the competition losing his edge? With an uninspired post which wasn’t witty at all, we can’t help but wonder… Maybe Mark G isn’t the player we had expected him to be?

  • Mark S! Mark S, meanwhile, is playing it cool. With his eyes on the prize (although there isn’t one), and a cool, calm exterior, Mark S might easily cruise through the contest. As for a reply to “Remi, I am amazed that you are playing nice still.”: Things are about to change.

  • Andrew! Having wisely gotten to-the-door assistance from Fresh Abundance, Andrew is trying to win the game by not leaving the house. Very wise; the temptations are certainly out there. Will the winner of last 7vs7 take home another gold medal? We shall see.

Who the heck knows…

  • Jordy! Are you still alive? How about your cat? SFB is counting on you.

  • Paul! We have a nagging feeling Paul is out, largely because he has gone undercover to hide his shame.