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7vs7 2: Day 2 Recap


Well, by the looks of it, we’re still in it. We not including Bart and Mariah who just didn’t have the conviction to go through with a one week commitment! And, then there are those we’re actually not 100% sure about right now…

The ???s

  • Jordy! Was talking about eating her cat… This could be ugly.

  • Mark S! We still think Mark is in it, but there have been no updates on his web site to indicate anything either way. Last blog post indicated determination, though, so we remain optimistic.

  • Paul! Is the man behind Down To Earth in or out? You let us know, Paul.

The Heroes

  • Andrew! Paranoia might be starting to set in, but Andrew is enjoying a life of beans, and is looking to trump predictions of an early exit.

  • Becky! Becky is putting the “some” in “awesome,” and is still in the game. This despite mental abuse from her own flesh and blood. In the words of Peep Show: “He does beat you though, mentally. And with his hands and with his fists.”

  • Mark G! There’s no stopping Mark, who like an extremely tall miniature Buddha just considers this a quick jaunt of meditation. He also includes Pinky and the Brain references in his posts, likely to psyche the rest of us out.

  • Spokane Food Blog! We started this thing, we can’t very well go out first. (First minus the quitters I mean.) Increasingly Known Neva posted some pictures of her lunch just to prove that cheating is not an option. Yours truly, meanwhile, is an educator and thus posted a pico de gallo recipe which is pretty awesome. We love Alton Brown.

Power through!