7vs7 2: Day 1 Recap


So here we are, a day in, living off only non-processed foods and we are doing fantastic. Of course, we is a relative term here, as we already have two contestants out! We give you…

  • Bart! Always among the two first to throw the towel in, Bart sent an e-mail mere hours before the contest started, complaining about not having a spine and how he was going to drown his sorrows instead of competing. Impressive!

  • Mariah! Gave some excuse about being sick or something. Well, call me crazy, but I think I’ve heard non-processed foods might actually help when you’re sick… Of course, when she tried to come up with some flimsy excuse that this was the second time Bart exited a 7vs7 competition before her, Bart jumped into action: “In the first installment you went out first, yet fooled everyone into thinking you lasted longer than you really did. So yes, I may have beat you to the punch this time, but not last time. Karma will get you….” Maybe Bart has a spine after all?

The rest of us are, by all accounts, in it and kicking it pretty well:

  • Mark G has kicked off, showing that the newcomer is a contender. With his almost zen-like discipline, rumors are circulating that Mark G might be competing from a cave in the forest.

  • Mark S, possibly enraged that who he likes to refer to as Imposer Mark actually ate some almonds—Mark S’s blog is called Rhymes with Almonds —has thrown down the gauntlet and is showing science-like determination to winning this contest. This might end up being a showdown of the Marks!

  • Paul, Bart’s down to earth big brother, is playing the game shadily, and has only released a short statement via e-mail: “I’m still in…for now.”

  • Becky, meanwhile, is upping her dark horse reputation by actually eating other contestant’s food. Making other people check the food for her before eating? Very Cleopatra, and Becky might yet put the “me” in awesome.

  • Then there’s last year’s winner, Dancing Andrew, who’s aiming for gold again, by pretending he’s a vegan. After last year’s success, golden-boy Dancing Andrew is the one to beat, and rumors of sabotage plans being underway are still officially unconfirmed. Officially.

  • And finally, the Spokane Food Blog crew is, by all accounts, doing well. Fully knowing we have the crosshairs of our competitors on us, we are playing it safe and leading by example. Of course, when I say we... Who knows about Jordy? Knowing her willpower, however, I’m guessing she’s planning on living off water the next week. Both Unknown Neva and myself are representin’ (yo) and will hopefully not fall prey to anything like last year’s cheesecake incident again.

One day down. Who will be the next to go?

Update: Jordy is still alive! Her statement, however, is unsettling:

So I haven't written because talking about it makes it more real. I'm going crazy. Clinically, completely documented crazy. I thought removing all the food (i.e. temptation) from my house would help me with the challenge. It turned out to be a fatal mistake. I left one thing behind. I want to eat my cat. As the days go by I'm find myself looking at her more and more inappropriately"?and I'm a vegetarian. I'm not going to lie. Today is not looking so good. I have a big deadline and all I can think about is an entire pot of coffee, a bathtub full of macaroni cheese, and my cat on an onion bagel.