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5 reasons to love... Taqueria Guerrero


The problem—and this can definitely be classified as a luxury problem—with having a place like De Leon in town is that we easily forget about other great spots. This is too bad, because your old pals at Spokane Food Blog are big fans of Taqueria Guerrero in the Valley.

  1. The best tortas in town! And I’m not kidding, you won’t find tortas as good as Guerrero’s anywhere in town. And there’s quite the array to choose from too, so you don’t just have to go with the old carne asada one.

  2. A vegetarian burrito that doesn’t suck. Let’s face it, vegetarian burritos around town tend to be dull versions of their meat-based cousins. Not at Guerrero. This might be the only spot in town I’d order a vegetarian burrito.

  3. The prices! Two people can get out of there for around $10. I kid you not.

  4. Top notch service! The family run business is always friendly, and the daughter, who can’t be much older than 12, might just be the second best waiter in Spokane.

  5. The steak ranchero. For a larger meal, try their steak ranchero. It’s pretty glorious.

Make sure to go into Guerrero and show them some love. Address information is available at Taste Everything Once.