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5 reasons to love... OMO!


Call it OMO Chocolat or call it Farmgirl Candy… We just call it good!

  1. The truffles are decadent. I mean, it’s as simple as that. No sugar, awesome ganache, flavorful like crazy… So simple, yet better than any truffles I’ve ever had anywhere else.

  2. Owner Marta Johnson is like your own private therapist. Samples are handed out liberally while you learn life lessons that you didn’t know actually could be taught. Seriously! They’re great nuggets.

  3. There’s always good music playing. From Bob Dylan’s latest to obscure jazz. This is chocolate soundtracks of your lives!

  4. There are “always” new flavors. Sure, we love The Clinton (“don’t inhale!” says the subtitle, and the advice is good as the chocolate dusting is deliciously dangerous). And who can argue the virtues of the Half and Half and the classic French. But there’s always something new going on at OMO, be it the out of this world Orange or Creme Brulee. If you’re really lucky, though, you’ll go in there when the sea-salt caramels are in stock. And if they are, buy as many as possible.

  5. OMO is perfect for any diet! It’s true. Sure, as a whole the truffles may not be too healthy, but as they are as decadent you feel satisfied after eating only one.

We love OMO. And you should too. Check them out at 224 S Washington Street, just by Vino and Saunder’s.