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5 Foods That Are both Healthy and Delicious


There’s no doubt that disease and ill-health are rampant today because we don’t eat the right food and our lives are more sedentary today. We don’t make time to exercise, we eat anything that’s available in a jiffy whether it’s healthy or not, and we work ourselves to death. The problem with not eating right is that we think that healthy food cannot be delicious and vice versa. If it tastes good, we assume that it cannot be good for the body. But that’s another food myth that must be busted, so if you’re one among the many who think that healthy and delicious cannot find place in the same sentence, read on for a list of foods that are music to both your tongue and your health:

  • Lean meat on wholegrain breads: The key to eating meat and feeling healthy is to choose low fat options like chicken, turkey and fish. The poultry is rich is protein while fish like salmon and tuna are beneficial for your heart because they contain Omega 3 fatty acids which prevent cholesterol from clogging up your arteries. Prepare chicken or fish meals with wholegrain bread or pasta or brown rice, all of which are healthy forms of carbohydrate that provide adequate fuel for your body without adding on extra pounds.
  • Fresh fruits: There’s nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables to pack a punch in terms of nutrients, but since most of us detest vegetables unless it’s some form of potato, turn to fruits for your daily dose of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Eat more of the fruits you love, less of those you can tolerate, but ensure that your home is always stocked with colorful, delicious and healthy fruit options. If you’re not too hungry, eat just fruits instead of a full meal. And if you’re in the mood for variety, blend a few different fruits for a delicious cocktail you can drink down with crushed ice.
  • Eggs: If anyone were to ask me, this would be my choice for the food of the Gods. An egg can be eaten in many different ways, each one vying to be the most delicious among the rest. You can choose how you want to eat this humble food – boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, as an omelet, and in many other ways. Eggs are rich sources of protein and make great meals all by themselves. Start your day with a couple of scrambled eggs or make your lunch a cheese and mushroom omelet sprinkled with fresh herbs – they’re both nutritious and delicious. And if you’re worried about the cholesterol, eat just the whites.
  • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios – they’re all high in calories and delicious, two reasons enough to be avoided you would think. But no, they’re actually good for you. They’re the kind of good fats that your body needs. They make great snacks because they energize and keep hunger away. The only thing you need to remember is to avoid the salt and limit your quantity.
  • Frozen yoghurt: If your sweet tooth cannot be denied and you cannot stop with just one small scoop of ice cream or a tiny slice of cake, then frozen yoghurts are your best friend – blend frozen berries with some yoghurt, freeze for a while, and voila – you have a tasty and healthy dessert.

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