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3rd Ave Diner (Closed)


Does Spokane need another diner? Apparently some seem to think so, as 3rd Ave Diner is rocking in the old Bombay Palace space.

Of course, rocking… Let’s be honest here, there is nothing that distinguishes 3rd Ave Diner from something as generic as, say, Perkins. My burger was, for the lack of a better word, forgettable. It wasn’t downright awful, but could I have had an identical sandwich at Shari’s? No doubt. And there is no doubt I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference either.

The fries, meanwhile, were kind of bad. Just completely flavorless, and probably straight off the truck from Food Services of America. I didn’t try the grilled cheese, but was told by highly reputable sources, that it was as forgettable as the burger.

The question, then, is why bother with 3rd Ave Diner? If you want awesome diner food, then go to the Satellite. It’s just a few blocks down, and it’s infinitely better. Or spend the same amount on a brunch at Sante.

Hey, just saying.