2nd Ave restrictions and Marrakesh, India


2nd Ave restrictions: Yes, the construction is a pain and it's inconvenient, but your five minute delay is kind of small stuff compared to the hits local businesses are taking. Taste has reportedly taken a 35% loss of business since construction started; Frank's Diner around 40%.

The city, in its infinite wisdom, is doing as little as possible to help the businesses. On 1st and Howard there's a barricade signaling that you should not go south, which really doesn't do much good for the businesses located on Howard between 1st and 2nd. Like Taste. And that kinda sucks.

So. Drop-in business isn't booming around 2nd, and therefore we encourage everyone to go a bit out of their way to visit places like Taste, Churchill's, Frank's, etc.  

Spokane once again tells us their favorite places to eat in town. And the results are... interesting.

The "best of" posted in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living tells us that Spokane thinks Marrakesh is an Indian restaurant, which is... Maybe it's time for some to go back to geography class? Marrakesh is, of course, not just the name of a restaurant, it's a city. In Morocco. But hey, Indian or not, the food is good.

It's nice to see Sante named best new restaurant two years after it opened. Hopefully they will win it next year too!

As for the rest, check out the list yourself.