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21st Amendment Monk's Blood


21st Amendment Monk's Blood cover

I gotta say, I'm starting to like this whole beer on can trend we're seeing these days. What used to be college kids' method of choice for their Natty Ice has now become an easily stored container for craft brews. Plus getting a correct pour seems to be simpler with cans than bottles.

Monk's Blood is not just a great name, it's also a great dark Belgian ale. Crack the can open and pour it and the beer looks like... Well... It doesn't look like blood, unless that from monks are abnormally dark brown. Regardless. The head is fine and it laces the glass -- a tulip is recommended -- no problem.

Give it a smell and you'll notice strong hints of both sugar and spice and, indeed, all things nice. A sip reveals a bit of sweetness as well as sourness. There are some undercurrents of a metallic flavor to the ale. The medium body doesn't reveal too much of the 8.3% ABV.

It's definitely a drinkable beer, Monk's Blood. Not too mindblowing, but still has plenty of depth and good taste to make it an excellent dark Belgian, and probably the best you'll find in a can.