#SpoBREW2 update: #SpoBREW2ART


You pretty much suck if you missed out on our 17th of May/#SpoBREW2 meet-up last night, but judging by the turn-out, I'm guessing you don't suck.

Parading down Sprague; eating traditional Norwegian food with American beer; partaking in way too competitive potato races... Yes, it was quite something, and we will probably have a few more #SpoBREW2 get-togethers before the August 25th brew-off.

As for #SpoBREW2, it is now moving forward pretty dang quickly. To keep you up to date:

We opened a... god help us all... Facebook group. That's not something we are proud of, but there you go. Feel free to join it; there probably will be some 17th of May photos there at some point.

More importantly, we've decided to repeat the beer-art contest from last year. We're pretty open for any type of art to be entered, as long as it's beer related. Beer labels, posters, custom-made bottles, statues, paintings, objects, whatever... Send us a mail to team@spocool.com if you'd like to make some beer art, in what we imaginatively have named... #SpoBREW2ART.

Really, that is now pretty much your only chance to partake in what is destined to become a historical event. The homebrewing portion has completely filled up.

Finally, to the guy last night who actually somewhat fondly remembered Spokane's seminal podcast, Remi and Stefan Do Spokane... You're a man of exquisite taste.

(Thanks to Nicole Hensley for the image we're using without obtaining any kind of permission whatsoever.)