Natural Start, take 2


Or, as it is, something like take six, what with all the ownership changes.

We didn't show much love for Natural Start after our last visit, but we're also pretty generous when it comes to Second Chances. And Natural Start has improved. It's still a bizarre place, but at least the coffee now holds a higher, if not perfect, standard. That is to say, the Americano tastes like an Americano, and not a shabby one at that. This is good.

The baked goods, meanwhile, are advertised as fresh and baked inhouse. The latter might be true, but we were told up front they were baked a couple of days back. The blueberry muffin wasn't particularly good at any rate, lack of freshness aside. Way too dense.

Yet, when all is said and done, you can't pass through Natural Start without noticing how utterly bizarre the place is. I'm not one to say Spokane is much of a bustling metropolis, but my god, Natural Start feels more like a mom and pop shop north of Colville than a coffee house on Hamilton. Don't get me wrong, the people are very friendly -- and will talk your head off if you let them -- but to illustrate the point, their business cards advertise their "face page." I can only assume they mean "Facebook page."

Natural Start has had an interesting history, and I'm sure its strange evolution will continue. As for now, this is not the worst chapter in the story by a long shot, and Natural Start is worth a visit.