Jones Radiator (Closed)


Jones Radiator (Closed) cover

We like spicy foods here at ye olde Team SpoCOOL, and we also like Jones Radiator. In that sense, what better way to combine said loves than to kick off The Great Hot Wing Chase. It will be magical, for sure.

Much as we do enjoy Jones' selection of good beer -- and we do -- we weren't quite sure how their kitchen would fare. With all respect to good ale houses, we're not exactly running down The Blue Spark or The Viking's doors to sample their haute cuisine, or anything other than popcorn or beer nuts for that matter.

Jones, however, stepped it up. This place could be a contender, and as far as hot wings go, they did an admirable job.

The regular spicy wings were only so-so, mind you. Fairly nicely flavored -- turmeric was one of the spices our Expert Panel suggested, and probably cumin -- though not particularly spicy. All in all, pretty average.

However, if you're getting wings at Jones, go with the PB&J ones. Peanut butter and jelly? Well, yes. In a sense. These are actually pretty ingenius, and points have to be rewarded for creativity.

It is, of course, not PB&J in the traditional white-bread sense. The wings are coated in a sort of sweet, sort of spicy peanut sauce, not unlike something you'd find in Pad Thai. To give them a bit of kick, you have the jelly, a spicy kind, that pairs nicely with the peanut sauce.

Is it super spicy? No. But it's tasty and it's different, and I'm definitely a fan.

In the words of the great poet: "It's peanut butter jelly time!!!"