Best of Markets and Cafes 2010


Best Farmers' Market

1. South Perry Farmers' Market
2. Spokane Farmers' Market
3. Liberty Lake Farmers' Market
4. Millwood Farmers' Market
5. Airway Heights Farmers' Market
6. Indoor Farmers' Market 

South Perry had a strong following in many categories, and Farmers' Markets was no different. It might be small, but apparently big enough to receive the love of the voters.

Best Market

1. Rocket Market
2. Main Market Co-op
3. Bottles
4. Huckleberry's 
5. Eggers Meat
6. De Leon 

In terms of being a true neighborhood market, there is little doubt that Rocket is a deserving winner. Vegetables, meats, baked goods... It's all there alongside one of the region's best beer and wine selections.

Main Market, meanwhile, might have had a rocky opening, but has recently made changes that resonated with the voters, beating out its closest (and more successful in terms of customer traffic) rival, Huckleberry's. 

Specialty markets also did well, with Bottles -- which incidentally shares owners with Rocket -- being a hit with Spokane's beer and wine shoppers. De Leon is still hanging on to the ranking as the region's most popular Mexican market despite strong competition from El Mercado del Pueblo.

Best Coffee Shop/Bakery

1. Taste Cafe
2. Rockwood Bakery
3. Atticus Coffee and Gifts
4. Lindaman's
5. Madeleine's Cafe
6. Rocket Bakery 

Look at the top five, and what do they all have in common? They all serve locally roasted coffee, and if you're looking for another commonality in the voting here, they all carry DOMA in one form or other.

Taste, despite traffic issues, just barely managed to inch out Rockwood and Atticus, though had we kept the polls open, odds are that the three of them would rotate spots. This is, of course, not a bad thing, and it looks like the cafe culture might be picking up around here.

Tomorrow: Best of Cheap Eats and Pizza