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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Spokane


UPDATE: Fans of Guy Fieri has semi-confirmed what we already semi-knew, and added Chaps into the mix. The Sante crew also believe Hill's is on the list.

Spokane is abuzz about Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hitting town. We have never watched the show -- we rather enjoy the man's non-food related gameshow however -- but we did talk to the production company (they were very nice) about some places we (and you too -- remember the poll?) thought they should hit, as well as places they probably would want to hit. The two are, of course, very different.

Long story short, these are the spots we can confirm or semi-confirm they've visited:

  • The Elk: Bart was there, quite possibly because he's stalking Fieri across town.
  • Waddell's: According to Nick they've already been there.
  • Picabu: From an anonymous source.
  • Capone's: BITE Facebook group claims this one, with Nosworthy's Hall of Fame apparently coming up.

Well... Assuming all of these are true, I will repeat @andrewzahler's words of wisdom: "Neither of which strike me as diner, drive-in OR dive." Can't help but wonder why Dick's and Chicken & More aren't on the list (so far).

Got any other locations they've been to/are going to? Feel free to e-mail us and we'll spread the word...