Southern Fried Chicken


Sometimes it’s the small similarities that make the biggest differences between cultures. Take KFC: I doubt there are any in Morocco, but they do have Southern Fried Chicken. (“Lip licking flavor!”)

Exterior image

Yet while you’d expect SFC to be another fast-food KFC rip-off chain, it is not. SFC, if anything, seems a bit confused about what exactly it is. Sure, you go up to a counter and place your order, but then you sit down at a table with nice plates and utensils, not unlike any “regular” restaurant. And the food is prepared from scratch. In fact, the chicken didn’t even seem to be their main menu item. Instead…

Image of shawarma

That’s right. Shawarma! And I have to say, some pretty amazing shawarma at that. The falafel was spot on, too, and even had a refreshing avocado in it.

SFC is KFC in name. In anything else, it is a great restaurant.

Vote for Southern Fried Chicken: It’s your civic duty!