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The Barn

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Recently, we spent an extended stay in Walla Walla, and a nice little town it is. In terms of having an extreme concentration of great restaurants within mere blocks of each other, well… It’s hard to argue with the place.

Now, if you want to stay for a while and in need of something more than a hotel (and, even better, have somebody else paying for it), there are plenty of vacation rentals down there. Many seem to be somebody’s dead grandmother’s old mobile home, so finding the right spot can be hard.

Our recommendation: the Barn. And we are not afraid to gush about it.

This is, as the name suggests, a converted barn. And despite being located on the owners property, it is surprisingly private. Not to mention surprisingly modern.

Think of it as a fully functioning house, beautifully decorated, with pretty much any amenity you can think of. Washer and dryer; a modern kitchen; full cable access; patio with a BBQ. So on, and so forth.

Frankly, it’s a place anyone could live full-time. It’s a beautiful space. Check the photos for barn-porn.

I mean, it’s not cheap fun, but the owners are easy to deal with, and the place is well suited for housing more than one couple. 

The Barn is located just outside Walla Walla, in a quiet part of Langdon, with wineries within walking distance. Downtown Walla Walla is a short drive away.

Again, we might be gushing, and we are OK with that. If you’re staying in the area, and want something more than the same ol’, we highly recommend the Barn.

Check their VRBO page for more. 

Notes from all over, some updates edition

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First: Yes, we know the Liquor License Stalker has been down for a few days, but fret not. A bit of investigative reporting (or, as it is, URL manipulation) fixed it all up again, so feel free to stalk away. It’s almost like the Liquor Control Board doesn’t want us to steal borrow their data…

File this one under «things we should have done ages ago»: The Best of 2013 results have finally been updated in the reviews section.

Always dreamed about snorting alcohol, or being able to add it to water for consumption? Well, now the feds tell us it’s OK. Consider us to be in your camp, if that dream was a nightmare for you…

And, hey, that’s it for today.