The #SpoBREW Classic Signup

First! Check the contestants list to see if your partner has already signed you up. One signup per team is enough, so please don't make a duplicate entry. Note, too, that teams are listed under the category they chose. This way you can be tactical in your style choice! Email team@spocool.com if you have any questions.

Sorry, all spots have been filled! You can add yourself to the waiting list, though, as we sometimes have teams bowing out.

The Signup Form

The Contestants

Hoppy (8 teams)

Brad Hauge & Joel Soden
Helge Nylund
Hook and Arrian
Rick & Kendra
Scott Mueller & Erick Doxey
Seth Carey Jamie Archer
Solomon Williams and Dana Oxford
Stephen Sykora, Vikas Gumbhir

Malty (8 teams)

Ben Pratt bdpratt@live.com Nathan Huestis nathan.huestis@gmail.com
Jason Kampf
Joe Potter, joepotter78@hotmail.com
Mike Russell
Shaun McHenry
Stephanie H. & Amy T.
Ted Chauvin and Allison Chauvin
Will Stone & Ryan

Waiting List

Cameron Johnson & Todd Cady, Cameron4887@gmail.com
Casey Olson Hoppy
Steve Mattson srmattson@gmail.com
Steven Wells & Dan Dvorak
Steven Wells & Dan Dvorak www.jlhansen3@santespokane.com
Yay for beer!