Salsa for REAL men and ladies

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See that crazy redish purpleish salsa up there? That’s from De Leon, and it is very very very spicy. We’re not sure what kind of peppers were used in it, but the color, apparently, comes from red cabbage. The brisket is great too.

We love Taqueria Guerrero

It stands to be said again: De Leon isn’t the only good Mexican place in town. In fact, Taqueria Guerrero is a close second. Their prices are second to none, as are their tortas which trumps De Leon. Other highlights include a vegetarian burrito, various beef dishes, as well as an amazing sope. Make sure to check Taqueria Guerrero out—they’re awesome.

Review of the Week

How has Aqua fared after replacing Blue Fish? If Alyson is anything to go by… Not too well.