Iron Goat Brewing


We never did make it to Iron Goat’s previous location, but are, of course, familiar with their brews. Now found downtown, its locale is both Northwest-y and beer-y, a combination most should approve of.

Illustrative image.

I don’t know if the previous spot had much as far as food was concerned, but the bar menu here is largely what one would expect from any and all brewpubs. That’s neither a bad thing nor a good thing, really, though Iron Goat is likely not where you would go for a never-before experienced food orgy.

With that said, what they did manage to do was something we have been searching for a long time. It might not be a food orgy, but rather a friendly food hug.

Long time readers of the site1 will remember our taste for Deschutes’s pretzel. We even had a pertzel-throwdown between it and Saranac’s, where the Oregon brewpub came out on top. This is, of course, all the lead-up to the obvious: Iron Goat actually managed to one-up Deschutes with their pretzel bites. Really. Maybe we shouldn’t take pretzels this seriously, but you know what… Your mom takes pretzels seriously, and so do we.

It’s all in the balance. A good bite gives way to a soft crumb, all steamy and flavorful. You will know it when you taste it, and that is what you should go do right now.

The beer is what it is: Iron Goat-y, and we are quite OK with that. You get your regular selection, and you get the specials, all standard issue.

It’s nice to see downtown brewpubs. They add to the landscape. To be a Northwest-style city in the Northwest, you kinda need them. Iron Goat does its thing well, as long as its thing is pretzels and beer.

1 I mean, there must be like three or something of you?

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