Incrediburger & Eggs

The Great Burger ChaseSpokane

One has to respect Incrediburger & Eggs’s dedication to the introvert. No longer do you have to order from an actual human being; instead, a kiosk is available for your quiet, contemplative perusal. You can still order from the counter if you’re the adventurous type, though you’ll have to brave less than ideal acoustics to do so. The auriculars don’t live up to Incrediburger’s otherwise comfortable and contemporary interiors.

Either way, the order-pick-up-eat-leave approach makes casual casual, and I’m OK with that.

The menu is impressive. You can find a range of burgers, from Classic to Steelhead (respect!), in addition to salads, bowls, and poutine. Vegetarian and gluten-free options abound. All items run for less than $8, and a host of (optionally booze-powered) shakes are available to complement your meal.

Conceptually, the mélange of a vintage diner and modern-ish brunch spot seems like something that should see a longterm success in Spokane. It’s a good fit for downtown.

I gave the Classic burger a try, and I have to say… Not bad at all. The package was simple—even with the optional ninety-nine-cent cheese, onion, and bacon trifecta—and dominated by clean flavors. I usually give pickles a pass, but Incrediburger’s bread and butter variety added a pleasant tang to the palate, flanked by a coarse, textured, grain mustard. The slab of bacon held enough substance and zest for it to be more than bacon for bacon’s sake.

Props, too, to the bun, which was more than just a vessel for everything in-between, and plenty flavorful in its own right.

The only real downside—and sadly it’s one that’s hard to look past—was the doneness of the patty. I’m not sure if you specifically have to order it medium, but reputable sources have confirmed the default cook to be consistently closer to (if not entirely) well-done. That’s a bummer, though I would argue the fresh ingredients saved the burger in the end.

Overall Incrediburger delivered a solid experience. The variety of the menu should make it a default stop for any burger-hound, and you can do a whole lot worse as far as a casual brunch spot goes. Consider it a good entry in The Great Burger Chase.

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