Sushi Yama


Sushi Yama cover

Oh, sure, writing about Sushi Yama is sort of superfluous as you already know the spot and probably visit it on somewhat of a regular basis. In case you're not familiar with the sushi restaurant, then, well... Stop reading this and make your way there, as Sushi Yama serves up some of the best sushi in Spokane.

Still here? Well, OK then...

I would imagine being a purveyor of any type of seafood in these parts would be quite the challenge, what with the lack of sea and all. Sushi Yama has it down though, and the fish and its ilk tend to taste surprisingly fresh here.

We tried the oyster plate during our last visit, and quite good it was. I can't actually ever remember having oysters during winter, but these tasted fairly fresh and the accompanying sauce really added a nice zesty flavor to the dish.

(Be forewarned: Should somebody in your party indicate they don't care for oysters, they stand the chance of being nigh force-fed one by the waitress. Then they will like it. Hey, it's what's good for them!)

Sampling different types of nigiri is of course also something you should try. Our uni -- sea urchin -- was pretty dang excellent in its texture and flavor. It's one of those dishes that slips down your throat, leaving a delicate, round, lingering flavor.

The other dishes were what you'd expect from a good sushi place -- fresh tasting tuna, an excellent squid, and even the vegetable rolls hold a great standard.

Sushi Yama is an excellent place for sushi; same thing goes for its Airway Heights location. It can get on the pricey side, as it's hard to stop sampling the various small dishes, but it's worth it. Consider us fans.