The Screaming Yak


The Screaming Yak cover

Update: The operations manager of the Yak e-mailed us the day after this was posted. The reason for the mild sauce was a lack of ghost peppers, which they had problems obtaining. The "Screamin' Demon" is now off the menu and won't be back until more ghost peppers arrive. That's good, as are her promises that it won't happen again, but I can't help but feel the wings should have been removed before a negative blog review was made public. C'est la vie, I suppose, and we'll be back as soon as the ghost peppers are.

Add this one to the "used to be good, so what the hell happened?" list.

The "Screamin' Demon" has for many been the contender for the wing-crown here in Spokane, and I, myself, have memories of struggling through a serving of them. They were hot, almost to an unpleasant level, and many of us paid dearly the next day for braving our way through them.

Then rumors started flowing. Words suggested things had changed. Whispers claimed declining spiciness levels.

Sadly, this one time, the rumors are true. The once might Screaming Yak wings have declined to something you'd expect from Pizza Hut on a good day.

The first issue was the mouthfeel. These were soggy wings, almost to the point where I was questioning if they actually were chicken. I have a distinct feeling they had been simmering in a base-sauce for multiple hours. Now granted, I'm all for chicken that easily comes off the bone, but it should also have a bite to it. These wings lacked the latter.

More importantly, they weren't even remotely spicy. I had it verified twice that we were, indeed, getting the "Screamin' Demons" yet we didn't break a sweat while eating them and I frankly wonder why anyone would have to sign a waiver to partake in the wing-eating contest at Screaming Yak.

Soggy chicken and minimal spices make the Screaming Yak a fallen star. I see little reason to visit the place for the wings alone.