7vs7: The Locavore Challenge Round 1 Update


So far, 16 players have signed up for this challenge. We have a well rounded group, some parents, some vegan, some vegetarian, some on tight budgets, some dairy free, some omnivores, some claiming no knowledge on local foods. I am just waiting for a pure carnivore to accept the challenge. Overall we are already challenging ourselves to think about pure local food sources. Salt, oil, vinegar, sugar, cheese, did it come from the 100 mile radius of Spokane, see comments? Fresh Abundance and One World Spokane have generously offered their support in this challenge to help us find the best ingredients. Some people have already started to ask neighbors and friends for food from their gardens.

Contestant John Speare posted this map on his blog, the 100 mile radius of Spokane, WA:

Locavore Challenge Round 1 Contestants:

1. Becky from I Put the Me in Awesome
2. Mark from Route 140 and Rhymes with Almonds
3. Unknown Neva from SFB and Finally a Blog
4. Moneeeeq from Home Economics 2.0
5. Andrew from Editor, Revised and Burger, Revised
6. Hank from Shallow Cogitations
7. BrightSpirit from Fresh Abundance which blog will you post to?
8. Paul aka Cucumber Bummer from DTE
9. Remi from SFB and RemiAndre
10. Bart from DTE
11. Crystal from SpoVegan
12. Stephanie from Peanut butter and Stephanie
13. AngieD from Sustainable September Spokane CME which blog will you post to?
14. John Speare from Cycling Spokane
15. Rachel from One Facet of the Human Experience
16. Brandi from Twitter which blog will you post to?

You may want to add these names to your Google reader so following the progresses is a bit easier to track. A sidebar on this site will be added to track these blogs and possibly a twitter feed with a #topthat or #7vs7, more to come.

For more information on the contest read this post. Sign up by August 26, 2009 (post a comment here) to claim your spot in the challenge.